Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chronic Pancreatitis Symptoms Treatment

What is chronic pancreatitis? As the name implies, it is a long term condition in which the person affected has an inflamed or swollen pancreas. This means that pain can often ensue, and sometimes even before the chronic pancreatitis is completely and accurately diagnosed. It is for this reason that chronic pancreatitis symptoms treatment can be important to the well-being of patients.

Chronic pancreatitis symptoms treatment begins with knowing the symptoms of pancreatitis. Upper abdominal pain, radiating toward the back area, is indicative of pancreatitis. This pain is difficult to treat with ordinary painkillers or analgesics, especially since some painkillers can mask the consequent nausea and vomiting that also accompany pancreatitis. In some cases, internal bleeding will already have occurred, so that painkillers might mask the more important underlying pancreatitic condition.

Chronic pancreatitis symptoms treatment then continues with rest and rehydration. Stress can aggravate chronic pancreatitis, especially in increasing blood pressure or severely decreasing it. Rehydration is accomplished with intravenous fluids and salts, and the diet is restricted to fresh fruits and vegetables. It is important in chronic pancreatitis symptoms treatment to limit the intake of fats, since the presence of fats can also aggravate pancreatitis.

It is important in chronic pancreatitis symptoms treatment [http://beat-pancreatitis.blogspot.com/2007/09/how-to-beat-pancreatitis.html] to ensure the health of a patient even with painkillers. This may mean keeping a patient from taking dangerous painkillers that can penetrate the pancreas. It also means a regular administration of antibiotics, especially for advanced cases of chronic pancreatitis. If you have to treat your symptoms, always consult your doctor beforehand, as the pancreas is especially sensitive to different chemicals and toxins.

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