Friday, January 27, 2012

Symptoms & Treatments For a Rosacea Problem

Are you looking for symptoms & treatments for rosacea problem? For each patient, the symptoms of rosacea are different. Therefore, the best treatment for each sufferer should be adjusted by a specialist to match with their condition. This article will give you an insight information of both symptoms and treatments for rosacea for you.

Rosacea Symptoms

Do you want to know if you have Rosacea? Here are symptoms of Rosacea. If you have any of these, may be it's time to see your dermatologist for advice.

1. Redness on face, cheeks, nose, ears, chest ,and back - The redness mostly happens after an exercise, having spicy foods or drinking alcohol.
2. Visible blood vessels
3. Itchy and dry eyes
4. Harden or thicken skin
5. Enlarged Nose

These symptoms don't always have to happen to every rosacea patients. Some may have only few symptoms ,but some may have all of them.

Now, let's see available treatments for rosacea that you can use to relief or stop the redness.

Treatments For Rosacea

1. Antibiotics - This is a basic and common treatment for rosacea. Most dermatologist will prescribe antibiotics ointment as a first treatment to stop the inflammation.
2. Drugs - If you condition is not resolved after using antibiotics ointment, the next step that doctor will tell you is to have some drugs. The most popular drug is "Isotretinoin". Some drugs have a significant effect to stop rosacea condition. Unfortunately, there are some negative effects from using it. So, it's recommended to use this as a latter option.
3. Surgical/ Laser Treatment - Laser has been used for some time to stop rosacea. It has an effective effect to stop the redness. This is proven to be very effective treatment for rosacea in short term. However, you have to pay for the expensive cost. Besides, some patients reported that they had some bruising after laser treatment.


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